Serankwa made history in 2018 as the only establishment run and owned by Indigenous Arhuaco woman, leader Cecilia Villafane, in Palomino. Cecilia works with local Indigenous communities to offer organically grown products including cacao, cafe and panela (sugar cane blocks).

Serankwa purchases directly from small families growing organically in the Kogui, Wiwa and Arhuaco communities located in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Cecilia oversees all processing, producing small batches that offer unmatched freshness and taste. Cecilia is also training other women from her community in roasting and business management practices.



Small scale Indigenous cacao farmers use mules to bring beans from mountains towering over the Serankwa store. Cecilia finishes drying the beans, roasts the batch over a wood fire and grinds the beans without any additives to create the paste for 100% pure cacao bars.



Coffee is another crop that has been grown by Indigenous communities. Once harvested, the beans are dried in the sun and hand sorted before roasting. Serankwa coffee is toasted over a wood fire. Roasted beans are hand sorted one more time, for quality control.


Our favorite sweetener! Similar to maple syrup, cane reeds are milled with the help of mules to extract a clear, sweet liquid. The liquid is boiled over the course of many hours and even days resulting in a molasses like syrup, panela blocks and ground panela.

Growing Practices

Indigenous farmers practice the art of shade cropping and companion planting to avoid the use of any pesticides or fungicides.

Cecilia works with Indigenous panela makers who do not use chemical additives to speed up boiling or drying time. All cane reeds are grown organically, primarily by the Kogui nation.

Where to Buy

Serankwa products are available in Palomino, Colombia. Just ask any moto-taxi to take you to Serankwa or look for the shop past the soccer field in La Sierrita.

For personal or wholesale international orders, please contact

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