Mama Mochila empowers Arhuaco women, families and communities through the ethical saleĀ of their handmade bags known as mochilas.

We support indigenous Arhuaco women as they navigate the global market and preserve their craft’s tradition.

Our mochilas radiate warmth and exceptional quality. We specialize in offering custom made and original design. Mama Mochila encourages artisans to explore their creativity and personal artistic evolution.

Symbols displayed by the bags represent elements in nature and Arhuaco philosophy. Mochilas are made from wool spun by hand using individually carved tools. Each bag takes nearly a month to create.

Mochila making is a generational craft, learned from early childhood. As toddlers, girls begin to assist in yarn making. As young women, they create mochilas with classic and original designs.

Mama Mochila features authentic, traditionally crafted bags that are created and offered with love, dignity and respect.

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