Mama Mochila Foundation Advisors


Community Relations Advisor

For nearly a decade, Cecilia Villafane has empowered fellow Arhuaco women in her community. For Cecilia, dignified compensation and preservation of her culture’s craft are top priorities. In 2018, Cecilia launched her own line of organic products, “Serankwa.” She works closely with growers from several Indigenous communities, offering high-quality cacao, coffee and panela.


Innovation Advisor

Yolima Torres is at the forefront of product innovation. Any alteration in traditional design must be carefully considered and accurately presented to Arhuaco artisans. Yolima’s multidimensional skills as an artisan have made her key as Mama Mochila works to offer income generating opportunities for Arhuaco families.


Communications and Gender Inclusion Advisor

Alex Torres collaborates with male members of the Arhuaco community. Alex works to develop craft based alternatives to unsustainable income sources such as cattle ranching and logging. By recognizing male craft tradition, Mama Mochila inspires the next generation to learn from their fathers and grandfathers. Alex manages branding, external communications and our legal status as a foundation in Colombia.


Founding Advisor

Anna Gouznova began her journey with the Arhuaco community of Ati Gumake in 2010. In 2016, she founded Mama Mochila as a response to the economic injustice and cultural discrimination experienced by Arhuaco families.

Since 2018, Anna is living in Colombia, focused on growing and strengthening Mama Mochila while pursuing her Master’s of Social Work degree.


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